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5B- The Painter

Magic Room Brand on Sep 2021

This has quickly become one of my favorite sticks of all-time. For reference, I've been using the Stephen Perkins signature stick from Promark for years. It took me a long time to find a stick that just felt perfect in my hands and when I finally found them, I just kept buying them over and over again. That lasted right up until I found Magic Room. I discovered Magic Room while searching for sticks that were sustainable and eco-friendly. Whenever I break a drumstick, which is often, I always feel a pang of guilt for all the trees I've killed over the years. This stick, made from bamboo, is just as strong if not stronger and takes me just as long if not longer to break as any wooden stick I've used. They are also incredibly light, which allows me to execute fills more quickly and efficiently than I would normally be able to with a conventional stick. The lightweight also reduces fatigue, which comes in handy when plowing through a marathon jam/practice sesh or getting through a long set list. The customer service is the best I've ever encountered. After ordering two pairs, I signed up for a monthly subscription. The only thing better than these sticks is the company that makes them.

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