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Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly on Jul 2020

So I'm still awaiting my first purchase, but judging by the YouTube and Instagram unboxings this is the best Fandom box out there. The Studio Ghibli Limited Edition box looked stunning, crammed with useful, gorgeous goodies. I can't wait to receive the Sailor Moon box!!!!!

Always A Great Book Box

SpearCraft Book Box on Jun 2018

I have been a SpearCraft Book Box subscriber on and off since February 2017, the Goblin King box. I haven’t been able to afford a box every month but when I can it’s always been a home run! I’m a fan girl at heart and SpearCraft is the best book box for fandom-inspired items along with the new book release. They are really innovative with their designs and products; the new book releases they choose are always worth the read and often quite unique. This business really cares about its customers. I really can’t rave enough about this book box company. If you love YA and dig the fandoms in that month’s box, I 1000% recommend.

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April 2018 Box

SpearCraft Book Box on Jun 2018

This review is specifically about the April 2018 box, Pirates and Pan. 10/10 for theming and execution. This month featured two books, Traveler by L.E. Delano and its recently released sequel Dreamer. Both books are paperbacks, which is fine because they were not advertised to be hardbacks. The box came with a signed bookplate, author letter, and tons of publisher swag. I’m in love with the #Shelfies Before Selfies pin from Swoon Reads. The items fit the theme perfectly and are fitted to the Peter Pan and Pirates of the Caribbean fandoms. As a diehard fangirl this was a dream come true. SCBB always has unique items, and this month was no exception. The jewelry pieces, art print, candle, monthly magnet, and other items were just what I needed to geek out after a hard week’s work. My mood instantly turned around from receiving this box. The pin in the box was sincerely Disney-caliber quality (I used to work at Disney World and I would not be able to tell it apart from typical pins from the front). That item alone now retails for $16.99 from the creator’s shop! Ahhhhh! It was all so good! As always, excellently curated.

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