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FaceMaskTonight on May 2019

The box isn't currated by skin type or skin concerns however I was very happy with the 4 face masks that I received. I'm not sure that it really reached the whole value but for me not having to scroll through thousands of facemasks and the fact that they just easily arrive at your door are wonderful. If it could be currated by skin type it would be 5 stars

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The box was good toys easily destroyed

Woof Pack Shop on Jun 2018

I appreciated the thoughtfulness that went into the box and i think the value was definately there. However i was slightly dissapointed becasue within a week my two puppies and destroyed there toys (I bought the toys for tough chewers/big dogs) However i am not to upset about that because I know that my dogs destroy almost every toy that i buy for them.
There was one item in my box that I did not end up giving to them and that was the Waterbuffalo horn. When the horn came it already had rough edges and with my puppies being tough chewers i was afraid that they would choke on it. That being said i would consider resubscribing at some point in the future.

Thank you so much KAIKRATES,


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enjoyed the box

SnackSack on Jun 2018

I was very impressed with the value of this box. Were there snacks that i didnt care for? Yes but that is the risk you take when ordering a snack box. Overall i loved almost everything in the box and The box itself was very thoughtfully prepared

Thank you so much to SNACKSACK for everything


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Got the three pin box

Mickey Monthly on Jun 2018

I loved the three pins i recieved in my box (bubble mailer). One thing I will say is that the pins were all older pins but I was personally very happy about that as it would probably be harder for me to find them. The value of the box I felt at least matched the price and I loved every single one of my pins.

Thank you so much Mickey Monthly


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Bubbles & Books on Jun 2018

This box so far has been one of my favorite book boxes (i even prefered it to owl crate) I loved everything i received in the box and although i havent had a chance to read the book yet the synopsis had me instantly intrigued and it is sitting by my nightstand for me to start TONIGHT when i go to bed.

Great Job Bubbles and books look forward to seeing more from you

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Very Impressed with Boho dress

CHC Vintage Dress Subscription on Jun 2018

This dress was everything i could have hoped for and more. I do wish the dress had been sent in a different color as yellow only looks good on me during the summer time but i will get some use out of it then. (during winter months i am to pale and it makes me look horribly ill) Overall i was happy with the service and am reordering but in a different style to see what i can recieve.



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Absolutely loved it.

My YA Reading Club on Jun 2018

I really liked this subscription and I think that the price on it is unbeatable. The only negative I do have to say is that the movie i recieved was an older movie. That being said i am still excited to watch it so really not taking any stars away for it. I recieved two books that i do not own and that i had never heard of. Just by reading the synopsis i can tell that i am going to love them. I am seriously considering purchasing a 3 month plan. I loved it that much.


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So worth the price

STICKII Club on Jun 2018

I loved this subscription almost all the stickers in the envelope i have a use for and they are just so amazing. Febuarys was planner theme which fits my life even more. Loved the box.
Definitely recommend

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Book Case Club

BookCase.Club on Jun 2018

I was pleasantly surprised by the value of what was received in the read to me case. The books were adorable and one had beautiful illustrations. The books that were for younger ages i actually included in my friends baby shower gift and she just loved them.

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Totally Booked Crate on Jun 2018

This box seemed to have a lot of mixed reviews so I decided to try it. It never hurts to try right? I wanted to love this box i really ddid but for the price i ddnt feel like the value was there. My biggest issue though was the customer service. I had to email them asking if i was recieving this months box or next months (i wasnt sure if i missed the cut off.) i recieved NO RESPONSE but magically two days later they shipped me a box and cratejoy sent me a notification......

I have tried many subscription services so to me the non-communication just makes this subscription a disappointment to me.

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Very Impressed

BookCase.Club on Jun 2018

I was very impressed with the read with me case i got for January. I think it was well worth the price i just dont know for sure how age appropriate it was for my little brother. This is my own fault as i should not have just assumed they would all work for him. (he is 4) However i will most likely be trying one of the adult subscriptions for myself because i was very impressed with the value and service itself.

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