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Expected Better...

SCRIBEdelivery on Jun 2018

Dont get me wrong... there are somethings I liked.
The larger Write Notebook was nice... HOWEVER.... sure I am excited to get Scribedelivery but I do not need such a large logo on a notebook... could have been smaller so it wasn't so distracting... putting logos on things is nice... but does cheapen the end product (especially the size of the logo... its half the width of the product!)
It for sure didn't even come equal to the $29 price tag. My own number crunching puts it at around $25 respectively.
I will see how the next month goes... but right now I am a bit disappointed with my first box (envelope).

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The Inky Box Lite

The Inky Box on Jun 2018

Received my package just they other day and was impressed with what the 'lite' package had to offer. A good little variety of of products from brands I know and love.

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