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This box has brought me SO much joy

Crystal Gemstone Shop on Apr 2020

I'm so sad to cancel this subscription. It's brought me so, so much joy the last six months or so. I look forward to it every single month and I have a wonderful collection of crystals and crystal jewelry. I'll be back as soon as I'm able to afford it. Really, this is an amazing subscription service.

Thank you so much.

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I loved everything about this subscription box. Each crystal was packaged in their own little gift box, which made it very fun to open and nice to store. While most of my loose crystals are in plastic boxes used for jewelry storage, I'll be keeping my Crystala Gemstones crystals in their cute, little labeled boxes.

It wasn't just the boxes that made this subscription awesome, that was just the packaging. ;)

Each crystal was clearly picked with care. It came with three bracelets of easily-obtained stones and many of the loose crystals I didn't already have because they aren't super easy to find.

I'm leaving this subscription because of financial concerns. That being said, this is an awesome price for such a great service and wonderful crystals. I'll be back as soon as I can :)

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So. Flippin'. Cool.

The Crystal Barista on Oct 2019

This is my first subscription box for crystals. I received it yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased! Each crystal is shaped for wire-wrapping, something I'm trying to learn, and each are beautifully finished.

I love how each crystal comes individually packaged with the name and location of the stone. That makes it even more exciting! I have a LOT of crystals and everything I got was new and harder to find than what I usually am faced with. The quality of the gems are magnificent and I cannot wait to go home and break out my "Crystal Bible" and the multitude of other books on crystal healing that I have to look up the metaphysical properties of each stone.

A note about the packaging: although the plastic wrap each stone comes in looks great, it would be awesome if sometime in the future they were wrapped more eco-friendly. However, this does *not* impact the quality of the box, the excitement I got when opening, or the look at all. They're fun to look at through the plastic, if I'm being super honest. I like how they're packaged, I just cannot recycle this plastic and that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable to throw it away. That being said, I'm just going to keep them in the plastic until I'm ready to wrap them. Very happy that they're packaged to protect each gem.

Thank you so much! Keep up the good work and no matter the packaging (I worry about...

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