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Debonair Scent on Jun 2018

I honestly can't believe the reviews here, as I've actually had a great experience.
I am a normal guy*, I purchased this service, no special accommodations. *Except I guess I have about 55 colognes at home. I've always been this way: as an adult though, my cologne collection has grown significantly.
Whenever forced to visit a big dept store, I will always find myself drifting away to the Mens' Fragrance area, and I usually walk away with one 3.4oz and 1-2 1.7oz bottles. Naturally, the sales folk recognize my kind of customer, and include 7-8 samples.
It's these samples that are key. I have made my last ... maybe 65% of fragrance purchases based on samples. Enter Debonair Scent.
I subscribe to 54 club, and I think one of my google ads picked up on that and offered Debonair. I'm like... what? A fragrance sample mailer? I'm listening...
TLDR, I submit my info and 3-4 wks later had 3 samples in my mail. Loved two, kept the third. Sometimes you might like a scent, but not know it until you wear it out. Any cologne lover knows you can't smell the combination of your body's natural scents + a fragrance immediately. That takes a night of fun to figure out. Also when you're at the fragrance counter, it's easy to get your olfactories overwhelmed and be unable to make a clear choice in the moment.
I've had questions for Debonair customer support, and they've been...

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