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Cute Personal Touches

Una Spirit Medicine Bundles on Jun 2021

I received my bag exactly as described. Items included were a lovely necklace that I wore last night, the bag with small chunk of pink calcite, a herbal mist, a postcard size picture of a glowing deer, and letter from the bag creator. All in all, I found the bag really well made and what I expected so I was pleased with the purchase. I will keep the subscription going.

Verified Purchase

Quality Ingredients-Drinks Serious

Shaker & Spoon on Jun 2021

I saw so many great reviews on this box I had to try it. It shipped fast, came well packaged and seems to have good quality ingredients. Requires a purchase of an alcohol bottle, which was no surprise. The month I received was an extra $40 bottle of alcohol I won't ever drink. I believe it will make the 3 drinks 4 times, although I won't ever know. One drink required a raw egg, which I won't do as too dangerous for those of us who have had food poisoning from raw eggs. Another drink was so strong I could not drink it. I will make the third drink but my hopes of fun with this box have vanished. The box delivered what they said, it is just not for me.

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Expensive Trinkets

Goddess Provisions on Jun 2021

I purchased this box a while back (1 year +) and see so many great reviews I figured maybe I did not give the box a legitimate try. The box is smaller now, but that did not disappoint me as I don't need packing material; however, the contents were disappointing. I received a very small bar of glycerin soap (using), a pillow cover (won't use), a small marble (25 cents), a warped wooden holder for the marble (trash), some chocolate (yummy), and a scented hair tonic (purpose?). It might be a great box for younger adults but it is not for the more discerning adult who does not need trinkets. I can put my money to use better myself.

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You see what you get - 7 unknown items


I really want to find a CBD box I can love but this was not it. I purchased the self-care box. It shipped fast but was not priority so took ~10 days to get to me. I received: gummy (35mg-6 pc, 50mg-4 pc and 100 mg-4 pc ) baggies; 1 bag of hard candy (25mg) with 5 pieces; 3-100 mg caps; 5-50mg softmelts; and 4 tea bags. There is no official brand packaging, just repackaged baggies with minimal labeling. I could not find and order any of the products if I liked them as they are not even for sale on the livehempily website. This is my entire purpose of buying a box of samples.....to be able to find something I like and repurchase. The box is actually a bubble envelop, which I almost tossed but double checked and found the capsules. No product insert was included so I'm not even sure I will try these samples as I have no idea what is in them or where they come from. I will not reorder. There are better boxes out there and the price is not significantly different.

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Everything box was a hit!

American Cocktail Club on Dec 2018

Purchased this as a trial because I was bored with the same old thing. My first box was really yummy. Never would have ordered this drink in any venue but having it delivered, gave it a try. Super happy to have broken out of my routine. If I had to purchase all this separately, I would probably have spent more but I never would actually have done it. Will be making the drinks for the Christmas party coming up.
Received 4 samplers of Jim Beam, a small bitters bottle, a syrup, a seasonal tasting mixer and spice for topping. It was suppose to make 4 drinks and it did. Will be subscribing to more months now as my trial was a huge hit!

Verified Purchase

My Athlete Box on Nov 2018

I received the first sampler box through the web site, so I'm not a verified purchase on Cratejoy, but I did officially buy the box. I have to say, this box is really creative. I will gift to my niece for Christmas as she was a big fan of the snacks in the first box too! Looking forward to the next few boxes! Thanks for putting together such a great alternative for chicas!

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