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Because Queen KB says so!

Wrestle Crate on Jun 2018

I've been a WC subscriber since almost the start. The crates were decent, but not great until the new owners took over. Since then the crates have been on time, and always perfect.

Okay, not always. One month I got a much smaller shirt, but before I could even email them I got a whole new crate in the mail with the same shirt in the correct size, and a slew of other items that were not in the first crate that month - no extra charge at all!

Last month there was an item missing from my crate, so I sent out an email. I received a confirmation email immediately. The next day was a personalized email, and two days after that I got a padded envelope with the item enclosed.

I'm working up an extensive numerous month review for my wrestling site, but seeing as so many people were unhappy with this crate, I thought I'd write up my feelings to counteract those written by people who had to deal with the previous owner.

Wrestle Crate is fantastic and my devotion to them over any other wrestling crate I've tried is proof of that.

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