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Best Crate ever!

Emotional Well-Being Box on May 2019

This is the best box I have received that reaches my emotional struggles. Thank you. I can't wait to really dig into it.

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1st impressions!

Vacation Crate on Jan 2019

Wonderful! I received my first vacation crate and the only thing I can say I hope the second one comes soon and is just as fabulous! I loved everything! It lifted my spirit and brought a much needed smile.... thank you

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A daily test strengthened by hope

HopeBox - Care for Your Body, Heart, & Soul on Aug 2018

Reinforcement of our ability to maintain HOPE is challenged particularly in difficult times. Caring for two family members with alz (one with additional mobility problems) tests my inner strength every day. Hope? Sometimes hope for a better tomorrow is too far in the distance to feel. But then my Hope crate arrives... always just when I need it most. Thank you.

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Just when I need it most...

HopeBox - Care for Your Body, Heart, & Soul on Aug 2018

It is amazing how this little ray of sunshine arrives each month just as I need it most... I am the sole caregiver for an aging parent suffering from dementia (Alz) and other debilitating conditions... the road is more than difficult -- with some days more challenging than others. This past year my husband was also diagnosed with Alz -- thankfully his journey is early on -- and for the most part less difficult -- except on those days when I simply "run out of me".... that's when I appreciate my little Hopebox most. Thank you for intuitively bringing light into my days.

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Hope and optimism

HopeBox - Care for Your Body, Heart, & Soul on Jul 2018

I always look forward to receiving my Hope box.... it lightens my spirit. Is a treat that is just for me. And feeds optimism to my heart as I work through this difficult time. Thank you.

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A perfect ray of sunshine!

HopeBox - Care for Your Body, Heart, & Soul on Jun 2018

I just received my Easter Hopebox….
It is absolutely PERFECT!
Thank you so much for all the thoughtful messages and gifts included.
I love this subscription. It is very helpful for me as I am facing many challenges every day at this time in my life.
You truly brought a smile to my heart today.

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wrong recipient

Mask Box on Jun 2018

The box was sent to my 10 year old granddaughter instead of her mother... I have edited the address,,,, and will try for one more month -- But I understand there were only three masks in the box --- if that is typical I will probably cancel the subscription.

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HopeBox - Care for Your Body, Heart, & Soul on Jun 2018

Hopebox, by far, is my favorite crate... it touches all the right feelings.... and has quickly become the one I look forward to most. Lovely contents. Thoughtful presentation. Kind words. Perfect!

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