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A Must for Escape Room fans.

Escape the Crate on Apr 2020

These are amazing, fun experiences. We've collected something like 16 of these and really enjoy them. They are great for groups of any size and the puzzles are always really well thought out and clever. I also enjoy the narrative through-line as a nice tie-in.

Each crate delves into a part of history that feels very well researched and thought out. I generally feel smarter when I've finished playing these. We've even had a couple times where some history buff friends could help out with answers because they knew certain pieces of the actual history.

They are great with shipping as well and have always been really fast to get back to me with any questions. They even include a "repacking" list once you're done on their site that tells you how to put it all back to default. Great for if you want to share it with a friend later.

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