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Chocolate and book on Apr 2022

I only subscribed to "Chocolate and a Book" for one month, but i DID enjoy the box i received. Personally, I would have preferred coffee (or maybe tea) to hot chocolate, but the drink and the chocolate were both yummy. The note from the author was a neat twist to this box. I'm keeping it as a book mark in the book i was mailed. I hadn't heard of the book I received, but the summary on the back intreagued me. I look forward to reading. The only reason i cancelled was so that i could afford to "test out" some of the other crates available, then pick the best for me.
P.S. I LOVE that this is a scifi/fantasy box.

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Beautifully crafted, tho by the masses

Coffee and a Classic on Nov 2021

I loved my subscription to Coffee and a Classic. The edition of the book sent was beautiful. The binding was beautiful (which is a huge hit for me. I hate when these subscriptions send paperbacks. I'm collecting, if i wanted an inexpensive book i'd go to target or walmart). The book(ish) items were smart and fitting to the theme. The coffee smells delicious, though I have yet to try it.
My only complaint is that the boxes are not individualized. I recognize this would be much more difficult for the sellers, and would take more time and planning on their part. It may not be worth the effort financially. However, I already owned a copy of the book they sent. I own several other classics, and decided to delete my subscription due to the liklihood there was to recieve more duplicates rather than other classics I have yet to read or purchase.
If you do not own any classics, THIS is the subscription for you (if you are looking to start collecting). If you already own a copy, and are not looking to collect multiples, this may not be the subscription for you.

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Cool, but worth the cost?

Charm With Me Club on Jun 2021

I only paid for the first month. The first package came with my bracelet and two charms. I wonder if the packages that follow the first have more than two charms. I don’t know much about jewelry, but I question the cost for the quantity.
The themes for this month weren’t the themes I would usually go for, but they appear well made and vibrant in color— if I were in their fandom I believe I would be happy with how they turned out.
That said, I found out they sell their charms from past months on their website. This is a better option for me, and I how I will choose to buy my charms from here out, most likely.

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Decent Enough

Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly on Jul 2020

Kal-Elle is worth the price you pay, if accessories are your goal collection. The theme for the month was logical (dinosaurs, with the new Jurassic World movie coming soon, is a timely theme). The box included earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. It also included some non-wearable items such as a 4X6 art print, a pillowcase (very comfy), and a magnet.
For me, about half of these items were interesting. The other half I knew someone who would LOVE them, so i'm saving them for Christmas.
All in all, the subscription seems worth the money. Sometimes they combine some odd things into the boxes (i don't get the pillowcase), but everything was pretty neat --all the same.

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Wonderful! Wish there were a light roast

Tayst Coffee on Jan 2020

This crate combines two of my passions: coffee and sustainability. I am very grateful to find a coffee pod service dedicated to providing quality sustainable product. The packaging was thoughtful with handwritten notes to the customer, and the option for "no fuss" packaging-- which helps eliminate further waste, making this crate even more "green". I will add that there is no "breakfast" coffee option, which is what keeps me from giving them five stars on curation. I enjoy their coffee, but i like to drink the darker varieties as dessert, and the breakfast varieties for, well, breakfast. I wish they had both available. However, having fewer options available has given them the opportunity to make each of their grounds better.
I plan to continue our subscription, as it is affordable, sustainable, and yummy!

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