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The crate I won't cancel

Japan Crate on Apr 2019

Love getting this crate, canceled so many other crates but this one I jusy can't. Tried other snack crates but Tokyotreat is the best imo. They don't seem to just throw in gross junk like other snack crates do, I mean sometimes I get something i'm not a fan of (corn flavored chips, yuck) but I just give them to friends. Love getting so much soda too, the jelly drinks not so mucn, but its something i've never tried before so it was an interesting experiance :)
This crate is great for sharing with your friends amd trying new items

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Great inless you live outside the US

Pusheen Box on Apr 2019

Would give it a five star but every month I get hit with insane shipping and then insane duty fees. I live in Canada and it's just really frusterating to see my US friends get their boxes for like $40-$50 less. I know they can't really control the duty fees but I wish they would do cheaper shipping to Canada.

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