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Not Worth the Effort

Kay's Magic on Jan 2021

I went back and forth with continuing the box for a while. I feel like it was typically a miss with the item received with one saving grace. There's usually one big ticket item and a bunch of very small packets and tea lights. To me it never seems the total of the items is really worth what you're paying for. The last box was a huge disappointment. The "big ticket item" being $26 for a few ounces of moon water? I make that myself felt that was a bit of a ripoff to have that be the featured item of the box. I gave them one last chance this month but Kay's has constant issues with sending their boxes on time. This box's schedule is all over the place. They basically will ship out whenever they want to vs adhering to the schedule they've posted. I'm constantly charged for a second box without receiving my first. Communication with them is lacking. I've messaged them several times about shipping and they'll respond after several days, if at all. I have several other witchy boxes and I feel the money I spend on this one is better spent elsewhere. The effort with trying to keep up with if this box is actually going to arrive or not is exhausting enough, It's a constant issue and not worth the items that are sent.

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