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CBD Flower Club: Powered by Hemp Crate Co on Jan 2022

Normally a very good crate, however this box was FIRST supposed to be cancelled. I emailed asking for cancellation about four days before they actually shipped it, most likely longer (I think I waited for about a week or two for any answer of which NONE RECEIVED) , the order shipped regardless of my MANY EMAILS AND VARIOUS ATTEMPTS TO CANCEL AND BE REFUNDED, just to get the box and have ALL identical products from a box I’d already gotten; I didn’t like any of these products, and I AM STILL attempting to be refunded or contacted about fixing the problem since the box was received over a month ago. Either I get NO RESPONSE, or the responses I HAVE gotten are completely unsympathetic and I’m left ignored. For $60 this needs to be refunded or I need to be sent a different and MUCH MUCH BETTER selection of products. INCREDIBLY ANGRY AND DISAPPOINTED !!!!

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