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Rebecca Mail on Jun 2018

While there is nothing overly extravagant in this box, all the little wonderful things add up to what becomes a delightful package to open. The theme for this month's box was Hygge, which ironically enough, is something I've been reading up on recently which only made it all the more awesome to receive this package now.
Included in the box was a succulent plant (in my case a faux one because I am international), reclaimed metal earrings, a glass terrarium, a tea light candle (for the terrarium), a cute little bottle of matches (seriously this little bottle is absolutely adorable and I don't think I will use the matches because it is so cute), the Rebecca Mail exclusive greeting card featuring artwork by Kristy Kvilis (it's so beautiful, I will have to save this card for someone really special) and lastly a small healthy Lara Bar as a snack.
Like I said this is not a luxury box full of costly items, but that only makes it more affordable for us little people that may not have the disposable income of the one percent. Because of that, this is a subscription I will be hanging on to for as long as I can. It is beautifully presented (and it doesn't hurt that it's pink and has my name in the title, seriously could this be any more made for me?).
I cannot recommend this box more. It will please and delight each and every month.

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Bubbles & Books on Jun 2018

Now I may be a tad biased here since I love everything books. I love this subscription. The box I ordered was a paranormal one so I had no idea what book I was going to get. It turns out it wasn't one I would pick for myself which is part of the fun of subscription boxes after all. I'm in it for the surprise and to try new things and get outside of my comfort zone. My box came with bath salts which I'm glad for. After all what is a bath without bath salts? I also got a small piece of chocolate which normally I would stuff in my mouth right away but I just started a new lifestyle that includes eating healthy so a friend of mine will be getting a treat today! Included was also this adorable little notebook upcycled from old library cards. It's so cute and of course I can never have enough notepads, notebooks or any random collection of papers. After all, readers do tend to have many many interesting thoughts. Over all this subscription is not as costly as some and that in and of itself makes it very attractive. I am excited to read this strange new book and a full review of that will be available on Goodreads.

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My Fashion Crate on Jun 2018

I have never tried a clothing subscription box before, in fact I was hesitant to even try this one. However, I read so many positive reviews that I had to give it a chance. Boy am I glad I did. My first box was delivered today and inside was a beautiful sheer purple blouse and a white tshirt with pink designs (I chose the girly sub box). The free gift included was a set of earrings and a stack of rings. I love everything in this box and that is a first for any subscription box I have tried. I will definitely be keeping this subscription and I cannot wait to receive next months box.

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Illumicrate on Jun 2018

This box is so so awesome. Because I'm not in the UK it's especially amazing to be introduced to all these shops that I would have no way of knowing about otherwise. Often times the book selections aren't even available where I am so that makes it super special! The box I received even came with an ARC! I cannot tell you how much of a delight this box was to receive and open. If you love YA and other bookish things please try this box, it's worth every single penny!

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TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box on Jun 2018

Ironically enough my first box arrived precisely at the moment I needed it most. Bath salts, tea, aromatherapy! And then of course the thankfulness jar, which is a very interesting idea and since it's the first of the month it's a perfect time to start! If you are looking for some self love this is a great place to start.

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Very cool

Once Upon a Book Club on Jun 2018

I really like the Idea behind this book box. You are sent a box and with each book comes a few little gifts. You don't get to open the gifts until you reach the page marked on the gift. What's super cool about this is that it brings the book to life. It makes it so much more interactive. I finished my book last night, stayed up to finish it actually and opened my gifts and it was so cool to feel like I had just stepped book. It's definitely a must try for any book lover.

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Goddess Provisions on Jun 2018

This box will definitely remain a favourite of mine. You can tell how much love and care they put into the selection of the items and the presentation of the items once you receive them. There was nothing in this box that I will not use. The aromatherapy scents were spot on, energy for the spring to come matched by the stone of the month which was sunstone. Wonderful, wonderful spring box. I look forward to future boxes and the suprises they will bring.

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Theme; YA Love

SpearCraft Book Box on Jun 2018

Omg! Where to start with this box? Okay so the book itself is amazing and sweet and at times heartbreaking. I stayed up all night to finish it, I simply could not put it down. Included in the box where a bunch of items that related to the book itself and it is awesome! I love that as I'm reading I can make the connection between the items and it just makes receiving them that much more special. It really brings the book to life and it's such an interesting concept. I felt like I was part of the book, there, participating. It has been an amazing experience and I could not recommend this more to any book lover.

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