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Well Curated Box!! Thoughtful too!

Men's Accessories Box on Jun 2018

Excellent curated gift set for men of many fashions:
What I recieved was:
** A Tie still in plastic : Neat, clean, may work with many suits & styles, very straight - impressed by this where I have had a few before wrinkled and this 1 was not!o
** Fish Hook tie Clip : unique - set for my preference : fishing / the outdoors - neato!
** Box of Mens Collar Stays : Collar stiffners- keep dress shirt collars in place, in a very cool leather box - Im going to use later for either perfume vials or another small delicate since there are straps placed inside

Verified Purchase

Everything I expected and a recipe book!

Persephone's Herbal on Jun 2018

Learning about different herbs just got exciting and easy for me. Persephonesherbal sent my box with these items:
** Dried Lemongrass: Soothing in the tub! , Great in a vaporizer for colds too (2 packs!!)
** Lemongrass Tea Mix - now thats my hubbies category and within 3 days he had it all drank & loved it!
** Seeds for Lemongrass: began to sprout on day 3, on day 4 my budgies loved the taste! Great for making your own organically or for most pets too..mmm
Please note dont forget their recipe booklet the send pact full of recipes too.. Im impressed . 5 star!

Beautifully Designed Box set 4 your Pet

Surprise My Pet on Jun 2018

A very well curated gift box for your furbabies! Duke ( my dog) loved his box! What he got was:
* All Natural Turkey Neck chew - smell was exactly as expected and not pugent at all. He savoured some pieces and devoured other bites!
* Acorn Squash-Sweet Potatoe - organic treat that all 3 dogs! Yup all 3 ate and asked (begged for more) Gone in 1 sitting for 3
* Pumpkin Pie cookie- looked better than the cookies I buy myself at the bakery - WOW- infact as a pet enthusiast I did try a corner! For a dog treat extremely well made/ tasty and Duke loved it- he didnt wanna share!
* Squeaky Plush bone- he didnt lay on it! He wanted it to be his new fetch toy LOL
* Trick or treat toy- worked excellently on a flirt pole for all 3 dogs excerising experiences
Their customer service was prompt to respond - and shipping was quite quick - Im impressed

Club Scikidz Labs on Jun 2018

What: Healing Hands Activity and Experiment Box
Experiment #1 ) Vitamin C Test - (Juices, cup, blue indicator bottle, Titration table and Litmus paper included) you only need a sharia marker for this
Experiment #2) Strawberry DNA (bags, cup, 70% I so a.c.. , 1 pipette, toothpicks, lane, wax paper and paper towel included) you only need 1 strawberry & DISH soap for this
Experiment #3) Vital signs, ( STETHOSCOPE, clay, toothpick, worksheet imcluded) you only need a friend/family member and a clock for this one
Activity #4) Beeswax Honeycomb Candle making - plus medicinal uses
(All you need is scissors)
Engineering Project #5) Articulated Hands (All you need is scissors- everything included)
There is also 25 micro experiments / observations to do also while making, building or doing any of these projects as well. Ages 5 (with parents) - well geez I do them (35), so fun.
#science #activities #experiments

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