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I'm in love.

Tamed Wild Box on Jun 2021

I was surprised to see 7 things in the box. It was like Christmas! I adore the cute bottles, appreciate that they acknowledged the flower moon in their theme, was super excited to see the tea holder cause I needed a new one, and that rose quartz spoke to me in the way crystals do. I can't wait for the next one.

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Coffee and a Classic on Jun 2018

The mug isn't ceramic, it's made of plastic. I can't imagine having a hot drink in that. Ouch! They sent an orange for a snack, and mine looks old and has spots. The coffee was okay. The book choice is awesome, but not hard back. The coasters are really cool. The plastic clip bookmark looks cheap. The notebook is cute. Overall, I'm disappointed. I loved the theme of this box. I wanted it to be awesome.

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