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Actually what they say

Feeling Fab - A Box of Wellness, Self-Love and Self-Care on Jun 2018

This box is absolutely amazing and truly lives up to their promises. Each product has real organic ingredients that I can actually read, versus some other "organic" subscriptions I've tried. The boxes pay attention to a certain theme while explaining be products. This really give my self care rituals structure, and intention, as well as appreciation of the origins instead of just rubbing random products on my face. They aim to help you feel fabulous, and girl, I do. Thank you. 😜💓🎊 Can't wait for next months box!

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VertueBox on Jun 2018

I love this box. Truly organic products and beautifully put together boxes. It's amazing when someone puts their time and love into something, an amazing things like this are the outcome ❤️ Would absolutely recommend this box.

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Is this real life?

Merkaela on Jun 2018

Never in my life did I think that someone would actually take the time, care, and love to create truly inspiring and uplifting products that aim to feed the mind, body, and soul. They humans behind Merkaela must be marshans that we're dropped off on earth to create real magic. Anyone and everyone who knows me, knows I am head over heels, in love with Merkaela. Believe me, I would put a ring on it if I could. I've even taken the time to order all that I could afford of their sage and tangerine body butter, being 8-9 containers. After handing that out to all my friends, and family, they had used the full containers within a few weeks. Least to say, they are all hooked, as I am. The ingredients in Merkaelas products are whole, organic, and raw from the source. You can read each individual ingredient for what it is, instead of some "naturally derived" and minupluated ingredients that don't even sound English anymore. For example St. John's wort extract is in almost every body butter, which is actually a huge help in aiding with depression. Vitiman E is one of the first ingredients in the body butter, which is in many super fruits and vegetables and actually helps to heal skin. Each product comes with directions, benefits, ingredients, and tips for its use. "Give your body love, it listens" and ever since I've been connected to Merkaela, I've been learning that more and more. Our bodies...

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