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Good, a few tweaks could greatly improve

CLOTH & PAPER on Jul 2020

Reviewing the pen box - I haven’t been happy with the pen box. A lot of the time they’re pens readily available on AliExpress for much cheaper and every month so far at least three of the pens skip heavily. A couple of times I’ve also received really crazy colors. I love pens so I won’t be unsubbing just yet, but I would love to see better quality pens in black or maybe blue. I don’t need teal and yellow.
As for the planner insert box - Overall I am a fan of this box. There are some things I don’t care for. Such as the laundry guide and conversions dashboard. These just seem like cheap after thoughts to fill the box and are nothing I would ever buy. I had a discussion about this in a group chat with other planners and they all agree. I would really love to see these items replaced with useful items. I’ve also noticed the paper quality of the sub box inserts always seem to be lesser quality than inserts bought directly from Cloth & Paper. I may be wrong in this - full disclosure, only some of my planner friends agreed with me. To me it feels much grainier and not nearly as smooth as the inserts from the site. I’m also not a fan of the recent wishlist / password tracker inserts with the thick black bar running down the side. The inserts are fine but that bar is just ugly....

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