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I don't understand the rave reviews

SinglesSwag on May 2022

Most of the items are sample size which means very small amounts to us and I'm assuming no cost to SinglesSwag because the manufacturers want an opportunity to introduce products to potential customers and are probably supplying the samples to SinglesSwag for free. Most companies are happy to send samples to us. Save the $ and just contact them directly. The bracelet listed at $29? Go to any Chinese store and you'll find them for $2. Up your game SinglesSwag, I'm feeling taken advantage of and am mystified that others don't as well.

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Misrepresenting value of the products

SinglesSwag on May 2022

Almost everything I've received is a sample size. The items which are not, like a bead bracelet from China, I've seen for sale at all the Asian markets for around $2.00. Overall, really cheap stuff. My bigger issue is the mysterious lack of negative critiques out there. They are being quickly deleted. I know this first hand because I tested the waters by commenting on their Instagram page. Not only was the comment deleted but I was blocked. Also, you should note that you can't cancel a subscription. I tried to after the first delivery not successful.

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