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Great Gift

Southern Cigar Co on Jun 2021

I gave this box to my dad for Father's Day, and he couldn't stop talking about how much he loved it. He said the cigars were very tasty, and he loved to sit back and relax with them in his truck. He loved the box so much, he asked me to give him another 3 months sub in November for his birthday. Now, I know you don't know my dad, but he's always been a, "don't get me anything/don't waste your money," kind of guy. So the fact that he asked for this box speaks volumes. The product is something he wouldn't normally purchase himself, so seeing the email that he box had arrived was the highlight of his month. Great job guys! You're doing something right.

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Absolutely in Love

Vinyl Record Subscription on Jun 2018

Amazing. I received a handwritten note from a Vnyl staff member explaining the curation of my box. All three records were funk/soul themed. One was an oldie-but-a-goodie and the other two were more of discovery albums. Exactly what I was looking for. One album was so awesome, I actually had to take it off the table so I could sit down and dedicate more time to enjoying it. So.... when is my next box getting here again?

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