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Nice quality but mostly useless

CLOTH & PAPER on Sep 2021

I received both boxes for several months. I gave two stars because I enjoy the products they make. I have a planner of theirs and many inserts. But I'd rather just buy directly from the website and choose what I want. This box is just stuff that they make and have on their website so it isn't really worth being surprised (like other boxes that introduce you to new companies), especially since the things they send are usually really impractical. Lots of different pads for instance, with various layouts, which might be great if you don't use a planner and want your lists to just sit on your desk. I rarely used any of the things they sent me. Some of the products are not very well thought through (like compliment cards, cute idea, but with no envelopes or way to store them in your purse without getting dirty). Also the iconic rollerball they make is pretty but doesn't write well at all. I ended my subscription because I rarely used the items they sent. Additionally, this company has the worst customer service of any box I receive. The box comes with no description or explanation of the items inside. I don't have any other boxes that don't send an explanation of the items. You get a bunch of random pens with no explanation even though there are other printed cards inside that are almost all self promotion. It feels lazy and inconsiderate. You obviously had time to print cards......

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I Adore This Box

Moi-Même on Jun 2018

I am very selective about my subscription boxes and I love this one. I've received two boxes so far. This is a high end, high quality box. I've loved every item I've received and the customer service is fantastic. I love the little rituals I've developed and the quality that this box has brought.

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