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My Favorite Subscription Box

Escape the Crate on Jun 2021

I should have done this review a long time ago, but sadly I am a very forgetful person (great for replaying games like this, not so much for remembering to do a review). I have subscribed to ETC from almost the beginning, and went back to buy the first two boxes I missed to ensure I had the whole collection. As of this posting, I have played every one, but the Mothman (its to my right, taunting me, but I have to wait until I am with my mom for Thanksgiving, or she'd never forgive me).
First, and most important, if you like puzzles, escape rooms, challenges, creativity etc, this is the box for you.
I have always had an obsession with all the above to the point where I have completed every Escape Room in my city (mid-size so about 20 at this point) and this box has all the fun, and challenge, without the running around and pressure of time (unless you put the pressure on yourself or run to get another drink). So I apologize for the lengthy review but its something I would be picky about, so here goes:
Storyline - Each box is a standalone mission, you can pick up in the middle and be fine. They do tie into each other in a lose way so you "feel" a timeline, but in no means do you need a previous or future box to complete the mission. All the storylines are from different periods in history,...

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