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Love the scents

FRESHCUTKY on Mar 2019

I love the soap. It ships fast. And I have never been more happy with all the fun scents and the package is environmentally friendly. The one I got in January I was so exited about and now I am on the one for vday.

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greenUP Box on Mar 2019

Loved everything in the box. The utensils is perfect for my boyfriend is takes his lunch to work and the rest of the items we can also use. The kitchen box has been my favorite. I love the dish soap bar and the accessories for it

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Kids like the books

Murphy's Bulk Books on Mar 2019

The books have all been perfect because my son will be in kindergarten next year and my boyfriends daughter will be in pre k. My oldest is 9, so I would have to get a bigger set for his age. I don’t think they can do two different levels.

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All kids hit

Kids Reveal Book Box on Nov 2018

I was looking for a kids book subscription box where I could get all 3 of kids and their ages. 4,5, and 9. So we have an early chapter book and their two books for their age. It’s perfect.

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My First Reading Club on Oct 2018

I was getting this box for a bunch of months for my boys. One day my card wasn’t charged and that was still 17.99 then because the price went up. Now I see it’s 26.99 with free shipping so it’s drastically gone up from the price I started which at the time was 14.99. I know the demand for higher but that’s a huge jump. I cancelled it because it was getting higher

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Healthy Living Kids on Oct 2018

I had to cancel
This box for financial reasons. But the moment they forgot to send it they were on their toes and it got here extremely quick and the kids loved everything in it.

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Owl Post Books on Oct 2018

The book of the month was perfect for the season. All
The kids loved it.

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Very happy

Kids Reveal Book Box on Oct 2018

This company catered to each one of our children. Picture books for the younger kids and early chapter book for our pre teen. Very good customer service when I suggested what I needed.

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Exotic Noods on Jul 2018

I never received my package and I ordered is back in June. So I cancelled it for July and I did get a refund. Some of things I never get anything, still get a refund but that’s besides the point. I wanted the product. What’s the point of promoting a product you won’t ever see?

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EarFleek on Jun 2018

Funky designs and price is right

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Best box I have received my

My First Reading Club on Jun 2018

My sons love this box and I always get something inside. Has always come ontime and no issues.

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Pip & Lola's Everything Homemade on Jun 2018

Soap smells really good, good price, quality is nice and shipping is pretty quick .

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Sudzly on Jun 2018

Really great soaps!

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