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Seriously disappointed

SugarMuses® on Jul 2018

I’ve been a subscriber for over a year & have enjoyed the mother recently passed away...& there had been a hold on my card that happened to have been when they tried to process my payment... after they processed my payment I get an email from Kristi stating I won’t be getting an August box my payment is for September‘s box and she’s been sold out of them for a while... that means I...a steady customer for over a year is not valued... it’s not acceptable there was no box for a regular customer available...BEWARE... I have found this box is a lesser quality duplicate of The Witches Moon box... customer appreciation is seriously lacking here...

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The Professional Pagan on Jun 2018

I had to prescribe it for six months then I had a six-month break due to lack of work I resubscribed and I absolutely love this box… This months theme was meditation something I have not done and I’m looking forward to playing all the goodies in this awesomely packed lovin’ the chakra

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Excellent experience

The Witches Moon® on Jun 2018

This is by far my favorite subscription. I love how it's put together with everything needed to celebrate each theme...high quality items that are essential to your personal practice...along with detailed explanations...I am truly impressed with this subscription experience...I absolutely adore the natural handmade one of a kind items that are included in every box...a true blessing is bestowed upon the receiver...excited for next month...thank you for your awesome intentions...

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Wild Kitchen

Tamed Wild Box on Jun 2018

The best subscription ever!!! Every kitchen should have the spices included in this box!! The calendula paste is the best salve I've used since I was a child. The most incredible gems were also included...a large green calcite & s large red calcite along with a generous quartz crystal!! The Kitchen towel is beautifully educational even though the lettering was backwards on the backside. I'm glad it is enclosed as I'm using it. The gift necklace for the mistake is beautiful & appreciated!!! I love this subscription!!! Can't wait for the next one!! Thank you!

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Great box

SOGOPS Tactical on Jun 2018

I just received my first box I was at first worried as the shipping information was correct however it was addressed promptly and my box is here. It is filled with everything that I need and will use everyone should give a subscription a try !!

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Awesome subscription

Spec Ops Global on Jun 2018

Awesome subscription please come back!!!

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Goddess Provisions on Jun 2018

Great box with awesome items enclosed...what a treat...

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Love my subscription

The Professional Pagan on Jun 2018

This subscription is very educational & always seams to answer my questions at he appropriate time. I adore the high quality items included in every thought out package. I started out monthly then updated my subscription quarterly. I'm truly amazed & excited to see what each month brings. I highly recommend this subscription you won't be disappointed!!!! Thank you Lady of Light for all your inspiration information & beautiful ideas!!!

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The Witches Moon® on Jun 2018

I am incredibly pleased with my first moon thoughtfully organized with incredible love love this subscription...grateful & blessed...thank you ❣️

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