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I love this coffee!

Son of a Barista on Jun 2020

I absolutely love this machine and the smooth and tasty espresso shots it makes. I've tried both types of espresso pods as well as the milk pods. I hid the machine from my husband for 2 weeks before I finally let him try it, because I wanted it all for myself and didn't want to order more before the next shipment. I'm almost out, and will most definitely be purchasing the milk pods also. My one and ONLY issue is that you can't customize anything - You do not get to choose the color of your machine, you cannot only have one kind of coffee sent, you get both roasts (Cremoso and Puro) even if you don't like one of them, and I can't add on the milk pods so I have to order them separately and pay shipping.

I know this is a new company, so I really look forward to being able to customize my order. Definitely try this!!!

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