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Gifts Always Disappoint

Once Upon a Book Club on Nov 2020

I often get in a “book rut” and I love that this provides me a book each month that I may not ordinarily buy myself. I always end up enjoying the book for the most part and they are new and high rated books. Im always super hyped to open the “gifts” but they almost always disappoint. I really dislike the items such as letters from the book and pictures because frankly, whats the point? The letters are in the book and what fun is a random picture? I dont really consider these to be “gifts”. I also really dislike cheap looking costume jewelry. For the most part, my “gifts” are lying around the house and will never be used. Many just seem really cheap, like Dollar Tree cheap. Each month I hope for better gifts but still hasnt happened. For the higher price I would really like to see better quality and more useful gifts. Please, no more pictures or letters, etc to claim as a “gift”! I love the idea and will continue for a few more months but likely discontinue if quality does not improve.

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Not Worth It

Used Books Monthly on Jun 2018

I really wanted to like this book subscription. I like the idea of it but I just got my first box and Im not at all thrilled. One of the books was so off name that there arent even reviews of it online. There was nothing about it that peaked my interest and Ill likely donate it. The second book was in poor condition. Both seem like books I could have gotten from a used book store in the $1 bin. One maybe even dollar tree ☹️. Shipping was also very slow, it took forever for it to even ship. Im really underwhelmed by these selections and if I wasnt so disappointed I would try it one more month. I guess Ill keep looking for a good book subscription. I feel like I threw away $$. ☹️

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