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I get both

Beauteque Monthly on Aug 2018

I have been getting the mask box and beauty box on and off for a year now, and i love all of them. The mask box has veriety and the BB box is my fav. What i love is if you want more of something you can go back and buy it through them, no third party or code!!! yes there will be some products every once in awhile that wont work for you. And I live in alaska and pay 3 day shipping, the only time i have trouble is if it's winter here. yes if you havent paid by the 15th you wont get that months box, and no you wont get charged another month when it comes to that. you pay for junes you get junes. they ship out near the end of the month. all details are on their website at

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i forgot to add

The Fairy Bag on Aug 2018

the jewelry may seem cheap on the first look but they are durable and last (this is also from a 3 yr old who tries to wear her sissys' things) there was one time a chain with a necklace didnt work out, but thats because both of us (me and my eldest) have really sensitive skin. so we just switched the chain. just thought i should add that in too. the jewelry is well made. some flaws on a rare occasion but worth it.

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Worth the $25

Beauteque Monthly on Jun 2018

Most of the products in the box pay for themselves with just one or 2 of the products! im in love and i didnt think i would have been lol. Ive been a member since may of 2017 and yes there was a box or two of "awe :(" but only cuz they werent big bottled products rofl, which is a truth. they do send full bottles of things. in short after this long review lol, this box is worth splurging on yourself or even risk trying out.

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Ordered for my 7/8 yr old

The Fairy Bag on Jun 2018

The fairy bag is such a cute box to get for your lil one who loves accessories and trinkets. i paid for 3 months in advance and was not dissappointed. it comes with things you wouldnt expect like a piano music box!? and a unicorn necklace! and lets not forget the fairy glitter that comes with it.....which she tries to save but ends up in a dust fight with her lil sister lol. This is one where with each box it gets better

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