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I love a good mystery experience!

Murder Mystery in a Box on Jun 2021

I love puzzles, figuring people out and their motivations, and reading between the lines. I stopped going to movies long ago because I could always figure out the plot and what was going on etc., so it became boring for me.
Then I ran across Mystery Experiences Company and OMG, I've had to start using my brain again! No longer is it something where I can glance at it and go "oh so-n-so did it and here's why", now I have to actually dig and think and research, and rethink things and sometimes, I hate to admit, I cannot figure it out (ok so then I cheat and see what the solution is).
I love this. I am keeping my brain active, thinking things thru, not just taking at face value, looking at deeper meanings, for connections, obscure seemingly throw-away articles in the paper.
I just have to say Thank You for making this such an enjoyable experience. I love it so much and am so glad I stumbled across your website last year. I now lurk on the various FB pages and read people comments and find myself nodding in agreement with them or even going OMG I never thought of that!
Keep up the great work, I am so looking forward to next month's mystery.

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