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Once Upon a Book Club on Nov 2020

This subscription box is incredible at bringing books to life. It does a fantastic job at enhancing the book reading experience. Every month's box is so carefully crafted with little gifts that make you a part of the story. I give this subscription box my highest recommendation to book lovers!

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Dispatch on Dec 2018

I've been scouring the internet for a "solve a mystery" subscription box for quite some time. I've tried a few in the past that were either too expensive for what they offered, had poor writing, no direction, or poor quality facsimiles. I decided to take a chance on this subscription and I'm very happy I did! As far as the price goes, it's one of the cheapest boxes in its category and the various included ephemera are some of the best-produced ones I've seen. Newspaper clippings look like actual newspaper clippings, complete with cutoff articles and ads on the opposite side. I really appreciate this kind of detail and quality. It makes the mystery and the story feel more authentic. Some of the puzzles are quite challenging while others are a breeze. Either way, you feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing each box and as you await the next installment. All of Dispatch's stories differ in length, so if you want to test the waters there are shorter storylines you can start with. 'On the Run' (my favorite) is 7 boxes long, while 'The Cat's Eye' is only 2 boxes, and 'I, Spy' has 5. There are also options to purchase all the boxes in a storyline at once, which is great for impatient people such as me. If you are searching for a quality mystery adventure and don't want to kill your wallet, I would give this subscription a shot. Their newest series is entitled "The Disappearing Magician"...

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