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Good crates and good customer service

We Craft Box on May 2020

First off I would like to state that We Craft has excellent customer service. I somehow contacted them when I was trying to contact another company and they replied immediately with concern, courtesy and a sincere desire to help.
Also, their crates are well put together, well arranged, and filled with cute, quality crafts. My five year old son really enjoys them.

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Only books unrelated to son’s interests

Learning Crates on Mar 2020

I just can’t get my son interested in these crates. We get books, most of which are too young for him (like a counting to ten book and a board book about body parts explaining that eyes see, hands touch, ears hear etc) and they include sticker books, random fictional books (like a Charlie Brown book, a dog dreaming book, and a book about waving your finger and saying magic words to make the book do things) and an occasional cheap craft book such as making a simple car out of enclosed pieces of poster board and stickers.
Almost none of the crates relate to my son’s interests.
I’ve reached out to the company seven times now, and although they did reply to one of those seven instances, there was no change to the quality or contents of the crate. I very much regret purchasing a year long subscription to this crate and wish that I had purchased one of the crates that my son has loved so much in the past.

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