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The STEM Snack pack never arrived

Spangler Science Club on Jun 2018

It seems they only printed parts of the address on, and left out all important parts like name, street and country. Payed $10 for the item plus $16 in postage mid-may 2017, it was shipped as described 5th of June, and it is now the beginning of august 2017. Did not arrive, and did not get any refund either.
Tracking shows it was returned to sender, and the tracking number does not show up at any of the Norwegian carriers, so it was never even here. Tried sending Spangler Science Club a message via the form on the subscription page, but it does not seem to work.
Other shippings from other sellers have all arrived within two weeks from shipping date, using the same registered address in my profile here. This is the only one that seems to have lost most of the address beween placing the order and having it shipped.

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