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Seems fine

OddBlox on Jul 2020

Found another site and trying them first

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How creative!

Indulge Bath & Body Box by Exterior Indulgence on Apr 2019

I just got my March box and the bath bomb is a black kettle with gold on top. So creative! I would never dream that it’s a bath bomb! The whole box was devoted to the Irish in smells and such. Just done so nicely. Kim

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Not what I thought I was buying

Two Pink Balloons on Mar 2019

This isn’t what I thought I was buying! I thought there would be at least three different games for the child to learn/play at. But it’s just felt/material logs, flames and the play ingredients to do s’mores. Well, I have to say it was done lovely the quick look I gave it. This setup is available online at a few children’s furniture stores. That was not at all what looked like I was getting! Unfortunately I signed up for a three month stint. Curious to see what comes but don’t like it at my expense.
Kim Mangelsdorf

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What was that?

Goddess Provisions on Mar 2019

I got last months box and it was great. Then I get this month and the box is tiny and filled with junk! What happened?

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Toy Box Monthly on Feb 2019

I got this for my 4 yr old grandson. He was so excited he was actually jumping up and down when he saw the toys inside! We love it!

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Monster Learning Box on Jan 2019

Was I supposed to get a book with my gingerbread set? It’d make more sense and I probably wouldn’t have canceled. I just felt I didn’t get anything!

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