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True gift for body, mind, spirit & soul

Notúre on Jul 2020

One of the many things I loved about the box I received from noture was that I didn’t have to go shopping for it. The goodies inside were a delicious experience that took me from the stress of my everyday life to a place of peace and quiet in a very busy world. The products stimulated more than one of my senses at a time, which makes noture unique. For example, the lipgloss not only looked totally great on me (and I don't usually wear lipgloss), also contained the aroma of peppermint so it encouraged me to breathe deeply while simultaneously feeling a delightful tingling sensation on my lips. It's a true keeper! The candle that also served as hand lotion was amazing and a fun, unique experience. There were many other products in my box that gave me the pause that I needed in my day to re-group and take care of myself, even if it was just for a minute. I highly recommend Noture to anyone who has a busy life and still has self-care as a priority.

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