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Not what I thought it would be

Urban Organic Gardener's (UOG) Seeds-of-the-Month Garden Club on May 2023

I was really attracted to this box because it seemed focused on garden vegetables and herbs. That's 95% of what is mentioned in the photos and reviews here. Just in case, when I ordered I filled out my gardener profile and mentioned that I am a food-only gardener, so I'd prefer to try seeds of veggie varieties (flowers very sparingly). To its credit, this "box" (it's actually a white packet) is shipped quickly and has everything you need. Two seed varieties, 4 plant starting pellets, and 4 tags. I have had a decent germination rate of the veggies I have planted from these packets, and there are enough seeds of each variety to get at least a few.
Unfortunately, I found that every packet came with only one food variety, and one flower. I had bought the 3-month prepayment plan so I hoped subsequent months would be better curated according to my profile, but all three months came with one vegetable variety and one flower. Based on the info cards that came with each package, these packets aren't curated according to profiles at all; each card has both seed varieties on it like it is mass-produced for all subscribers. I was really disappointed by this, so I cancelled my subscription after the third month. I have more flower seeds than I know what to do with after only three months, and only three veggie varieties for my money. Even though the cost is pretty low, when 50% of the cost is...

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