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Call Number on Jun 2018

I was surprised by how much could fit into what seemed like a tiny box. Well worth the price, this crate was packed with unique gifts along with a book I'm already getting hooked by.

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Stuck the landing beautifully

The Wordy Traveler on Jun 2018

So the first box I got from The Wordy Traveler actually had an issue with it. The glass had broken inside of the box and had carved up everything inside. When I contacted The Wordy Traveler about it, they were /incredibly/ responsive and provided some of the best customer service I've seen in years.
It's rare for a company or service provider to take a bad experience and turn it into an amazing one which makes The Wordy Traveler something special. Beyond that, I loved the books and the gifts that were in my box this month. I would highly recommend going for the larger box. It's worth it.

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