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Oh boy....

Beauteque Monthly on Mar 2019

Where do I start??
The concept of the box is great. Love the idea of it. But to me, this box isn't worth it.
First, let's start with the way they charge and ship.
When you sign up, you're immediately charged. I happened to sign up on January 17th. Charged the 18th. Fine. Waited and waited and waited.
Went to their website and realized their cutoff date is the 15th of every month. Contacted them and was told that, because it was after their cutoff date by 2 days, that I was paying for February's box.... that they ship at the end of the month. So, while waiting I was charged again on February 17th, for March's box.... That will ship at the end of March.
Now, I've received February's box and I've already cancelled. I've already paid for the March box but I'm not even looking forward to it.
So, let's get into the box.
I received a very cheap eyebrow shaver. Went in the trash.
An eye cream (not from Mizon) but a brand that I've never heard of, let alone can barely find online. And it just straight up smells like regular lotion. Went in the trash.
A mascara from Farm Stay which, if you're into KBeauty at all, you'll know is some of the cheapest you can get. One look at it and no. I was not putting that near my eyes. Went in the trash.
The only things I kept are the hair mist, which I'll use as a "febreeze" for...

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