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Ok but not the greatest ever

FabFitFun on May 2019

I just finished up a one year subscription to FFF and I like it but I don’t love it. I chose not to renew.
Pros: *not just makeup, not just fitness
*Annual subscriptions can customize almost everything
*Good value for the price, you will get way more than $49 worth of products
*Deeply discounted add ons and edit sales
Cons: *Some products none of the choices are appealing. There’s a pretty unused tea pot sitting in my cabinet because it was that or a French press but I didn’t want either
*Ugly prints on many items
*Too many similarities - I got a beach towel last summer, I don’t need another towel this year.
*Stupid magazine that just gets thrown in recycling because who the heck reads magazines anymore?
*Are the value of items really what they claim when they’ll say something has an $80 value in your box but next sale you can get it for $30?
*Add ons sell out almost immediately. Annual subscribers get first pick and id log in right when it went live and just in the time looking at what they had things would be sold out. I can’t imagine much is left by the time monthly subscribers get a chance,

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