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Accio! on Jul 2020

I have subscribed to a handful of HP boxes in the past few years and Accio! stands out as my favorite for so many reasons.
For instance--and I don't know whether I would have considered the following my favorite thing about them a year ago, but it has become *much* more relevant in recent months with so many other boxes failing in this regard--the owners are (1) careful not to sell boxes beyond their ability to curate items in a timely manner, and (2) they are always 100% transparent about any delays. (Not that there are often delays, mind you. But their transparency and openness about upcoming delays stands in stark contrast to the silence I've encountered from other boxes that either say nothing at all about delays or that keep stringing subscribers along with empty promises that "boxes ship out at the end of the week" for several weeks in a row.)
Another thing I love about them is that they work hard to procure a variety of items from independent artists. So first of all, yay for supporting small business! (They're very careful about not taking others' intellectual property with knock-offs. RESPECT.) Second of all, yay for variety! I've subscribed to other boxes where each month seemed to be variations on the same thing over and over. Prints, shirts, pins, and teas are great, but they lose interest when it's the same thing every time. (Unless that's exactly what you want every time, in which case those are probably great...

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In love

Brothers Coffee Company on Jun 2018

I purchased a single subscription for my husband, and he *loved* it so much! We immediately upgraded to the 3/month plan and are having a hard time waiting for next month's supply. The coffee itself arrived promptly, and we appreciated the transparency about shipping: emailed updates and tracking numbers meant that we knew exactly when the subscription would arrive.

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