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slow shipping and not geared for adults

My Sci Fi Club on Jun 2021

Shipping is HORRIBLE. I got an email with a tracking number that did not work. I attempted to use the tracking number for several day and tried to contact them about it and they never responded. Finally I tried and it worked but showed it was the pretracking info and the box hadnt even shipped yet. When I finally did get the box I was very excited until I got it open and looked at what I got. The two books where not geared to adults but to young adults (Teens). The pictures show book by authors like Jim Butcher so I was expecting adult reading material. The movies I got where ok, neither where bluray but no biggie. If you are an adult wanting to get this is I would pass, if its for teens then go for it. I have canceled my subscription but after I was already charged for it so I am waiting to see if I get a refund or the box for September. I will let you know.

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