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Interesting Tea Flavors, but very small

Tea, Simplicity Teas: Tea with intentions on May 2019

I got the $15 a month set to try out, and received them in a simple grey bubble envelope.

The 3 vials of tea I received are very cute in their packaging, but some of the instructions are a bit vague. One says “Each makes at minimum 5 cups” and another “vial makes 5-11 cups”, with a card which says that you can rebrew a tea at-least 3 times. This can make it a little confusing as to wether a particular tea can be reused so many times more than others. And you will want to reuse them, because each vial barely comes with 1.5 teaspoons worth of tea in each one. Not great since the vials say to use 1tsp each time. These are incredibly small portions that are essentially sample sizes in other places, and they are really stretching how many cups of tea you can potentially get out of each pack.

The flavors are pretty good though, and I might try to contact them to see if they would let me just buy some 2 oz of certain flavors on their own.

As it is, $14.99 is a little high for a sample pack of 4 different flavors.

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A huge selection of tasty snacks!

Worldwide Treats on Jun 2018

I've been looking for a good international snacking box for a while and decided to try this one. I opened the 11" by 13" box to find it just positively packed with snacks and even a drink. Most of the international snack packs I've seen cost up to 5 dollars extra for a drink, but this was great and including in the base price.

The selection inside not only had a range of snack sizes, from individual candies to full sized cookie packs, but also had a very wide range of nations. Just a few that I've been able to identify has been Korea, Poland, India, Russia, and Turkey. I'm so far very happy with this box pack and I'm looking forward to supporting them and getting more next month.

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