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Beautiful Jewelry Sub, Beautiful Owner,

mintMONGOOSE Jewelry Subscription on Nov 2021

It is with incredible experience (over 30 various subscriptions over the past few years), that I can write that mintMONGOOSE Jewelry Subscription is truly a gem--figuratively and literally. The owner is truly hands-on and one of the kindest people that I've ever dealt with. She is fair and sweet as pie.
I've tried all three metals and decided to stick with yellow gold. It was a hard decision, because all are beautiful. This is NOT the type of jewelry you would expect, it is very, very, very nice quality. I hold it up to the standards of subscriptions four to five times as expensive. I'm being completely candid.
This is the jewelry subscription that I decided to keep, and have cancelled all of my other ones. This is such a great deal, and the owner is wonderful. mintMONGOOSE is perfection in a subscription! Five stars! ~h~

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Wow! Perfect Curation & Personalized !

Oceanista® on Jun 2021

Just received my first Oceanista Box. All I can say is, "Wow!" The curation is absolutely amazing! I went to visit a very ill family member and put on nearly the entire box, it is so functional and complete, and personalized to be just right for me. Oceanista is a gorgeous Box that I was unaware of, but I'll be subscribing to for a while to come. I cannot wait until the next box, I am so excited! ~HB~


Best Succulent and Supplies!

Succulents Monthly on Jun 2021

Received my second Succulents Monthly Box this week. I am absolutely in LOVE with this subscription. There is a Covid-19 freezer by my son's window, so I wanted to fill his window sill with lovely things instead of that. Succulents Monthly has sent truly adorable and fully healthy plants. I could not be happier.
The pots/planters are top-notch. The first succulent was a Chocolate Soldier, and this month was a Tiger Jaw. The first month's planter was a gorgeous azure blue with attached plate and this month is an absolutely adorable face on it with a tiki skirt and legs to hold it. It is soooo gosh darn adorable!
Each month includes a painted card with the succulent, a pencil, wooden name tag, Smarties candy, magnet with drawing of succulent, potting soil, and gravel topping, in addition to the magnificent planter and succulent.
I am so very pleased with this subscription. It brings joy to my son's apartment.

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My favorite subscription.

The Witches Moon® on Jun 2021

A box curated by passionate and knowledgeable people that care about giving their subscribers the best. While I don't know them, I can feel the caring and perfection. Everything is beautifully packaged, feels made for me, and is...perfection.

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Lovely Merkaela Deluxe Subscription

Merkaela on Jun 2020

Merkaela is simply perfection. The deluxe box includes such luscious delights and self-care gems that will help one feel better however one feels before opening a canister of tea, lighting a candle, opening a jar of their handmade body butter with such gorgeous seasonal scents that always take me back to childhood and other fond memories. Their playlist that is included is always so well-conceived and absolutely beautiful and soothing to listen to any time of day. My most recent subscription box also included some sacred Palo Santo sticks, which came at a perfect time as I am dealing with a family member that is ill and need some extra self-care and cleansing energy. Merkaela has always been the ultimate self-care subscription, to me. From the moment that I sit down and prepare to open my subscription, I can already smell the lovely scents coming from the box before I even open it. The affirmations and intentions greet me and it is gift after gift as I look through the box. Beautiful.

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The Beauty Box is amazing!

Boxwalla on Mar 2019

While I only subscribe to the Beauty version, which is bi-monthly, I absolutely cannot wait to get that box of pure skin gold. They have introduced me to some of the absolute BEST Indie brands that I've known about, but could never afford, but also some of the best that I've never heard about, but love now. If you are a skin care lover, you will be a Boxwalla lover. Guarantee it!

Must keep my Pusheen Box subscription!

Pusheen Box on Mar 2019

This is one of the best subscriptions ever! There is always the widest array of items--clothes (which they always send exactly according to the size that one listed), home, plushes that are too sweet, light sets, computer items like a coffee warmer...it just always surprises and absolutely amazes me at the imagination of the curators. What else is there to say, except that they are magicians...perfect magicians. I love you guys and gals at Pusheen! Thank you for all of the joy that I get when my adorable square actually Pusheen-design box arrives. Who would have thought that even the box looks like Pusheen? Just awestruck and happy.

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