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Lotus Box on Jun 2018

The contents of the box seem slightly on the low for the cost. I was actually willing to pay more for the flowered cardboard storage box. The box I received was plain white.

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my Petal Club on Jun 2018

The box barely held up in shipping. It was smashed the cardboard is too thin. I wanted only tampons. They sent panty liners. Still looking for a monthly that does not send liners. I have no use they pile up.

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Magickal Folk on Jun 2018

I ordered the alchemy set and am always pleased with what I received. The stones are a great size to gift. Little unexpected items in the kit. I have loved the oils much more than I expected. The inserts are well written and brief. I like reading about the pieces.

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The best

Enchanted Crystal on Jun 2018

It is great to see a subscription of crystals without candles in the shipment.

There are crates that fall into the categories; new age, spiritual, and apothecary.

I would gladly pay more on many of them if they did not pad the box with candles.
Enchanted Crystals are Beautiful stones. The packaging and paper inserts on the Enchanted Crystal crate are excellent. Simply wonderful!

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