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FRESHCUTKY on Jun 2021

Ok, I've been getting these boxes for several months now, just renewed my sub. The scents are fantastic and the scent in the wax lasts a looooooong time. I get the sampler box, and the scent I'm using now is on it's 4th melting and still smells strong. For a 1" (roughly) cube that is more than worth the money. Plus every month you get a little soap sample too. There is everything right about this box.

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Cryptid Crate on Jun 2021

I've been subscribing for about a year and I love every box I've gotten. Bigfoot, Flatwoods Monster, Nessie, Frogman, Jersey Devil. The T-shirts are wonderful, the books are ones I've usually just heard about and my absolute favorites are the hats and patches/pins. Plus, Derek the guru is always helpful to my flaky butt.

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Enter the Pit box-- happy happy

MoshBoxx on Jun 2018

Ordered the Enter the Pit box, and it came pretty fast. It was full of cd's, a poster, DVD, a vinyl mini, patches, some stickers, and one of the cd's was even autographed! My husband really liked it and said it was a great deal. Megadeath, ozzfest dvd, tractor sex fatality, etc included

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