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Rapidly gone downhill

Bakers Krate on Sep 2018

I've just received my Sept 2018 (and thankfully, last) Baker's Krate. It's gone steadily downhill in the year I've been a subscriber.

Today's box doesn't include cards - three products have bakery stickers on them, two do not. One of them indicates it includes nuts but one of the other items is a Reece's butter tart (I know because it showed up in the krate maybe two months ago?) but it doesn't indicate nuts at all. The box filler is also incredibly sparse so the items knocked around and are crushed.

The last few boxes have been equally disappointing - butter tarts in every single one; bland or too-sweet dessert squares that are nothing special; repeat products. This is definitely not the "most delicious desserts" box it claims to be. Ownership did change between the August and September boxes (with the new owner in Toronto) but this September box was just as disappointing as previous months this year.

If I hadn't already cancelled, I would be logging in right now to do so.

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