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Magic Room Brand on Sep 2021

This crate hit the sweet spot for gift-giving to musician brother: he was out of sticks & picks before his xmas bday. He immediately opened the package and set about tutoring his son in drumming. Then grandpa took over. Sweet all-around. SUPER fast ship, easy tracking, friendly customer service!

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Writer Worthy

Scribbler on Jun 2021

I continue to be gratefully amazed by this "crate" curated by writers for writers. It's a treasure trove! These ladies tick all the items offered by other crates: interesting book (changing genres to showcase that month's technique), personalized notes (beyond the bookplates, we get an essay by that book's writer about their tricks in tackling that month's technique), private interview with that book's publishing team member (agent, editor), tie-in gifts (stationary, flags, candles, pins, magnets we get all the cute useful items), and caffeine (tea,, I'm praying for chocolate next). Plus there's an online community. Best yet, this crate inspires you - I'm trying NaNoWriMo for the 1st time BECAUSE of this crate's gentle you can do it push. Wow! Other crates aspire to be Scribbler. May these ladies get all the blessings. Thank you, Victoria & Lindsay and your team!

self-care sparkle

TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box on Jun 2021

Thanks for creating such a beautiful all-access self-care package appropriate for any recipient. I gifted this box to a family member struggling with many life changes and it helped spark self-care.

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Curated Care of Crate & Customer

SpearCraft Book Box on Jun 2021

Spearcraft's creator takes great care in crafting her crates -whether monthly book or seasonal crate or special edition (plus the new ones that I have yet to sample of middle grade & candle, the list grows)-they are curated for book-themed usable items of candles, jewlery, stickers, socks, bookmarks, bath bombs. When you have any question or a shipment issue, Laura is right-there to guide you through it in a kind, professional and thorough way. In addition, her seasonal crates donate partial proceeds to local charities. Truly a gift that gives joy all around. Applause!

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Satisfying Surprise

Reel Bookish on Aug 2020

Box concept works phenomenally well due to its curation using unique high-quality items (a glamhammer? perfect for a mystery crime thriller theme; craft marshmellows for Veronica Mars fans; a succulent plant for wherever you hide the bodies ;-). A delightful surprise every month, thank you!

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Bento Beauty

Kizuna Box from Japan on Oct 2018

Bento box, flower bowls & autumn leaves chopsticks were all lovely! Food themed stationary, stickers and exquisite sugar candy shared with a foodie fan. Thank you!

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