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Her Fit Club on Mar 2020

I really wanted to love this but was quite disappointed, which is sad because I had planned to continue my sub if I liked the first box. I got a pair of brown and beige leggings, the colors were kind of meh to me but I think the color choice is fair enough since I hadn’t specified these colors were not my thing. To go with that I got a brown tank top that feels like it’s made out of cotton. I found that disappointing as it was stated there would be 1-2 tops and this one feels kind of cheap. I had hoped for a sports bra or at least a top made out of a sturdier material. What made me most dissppointed of all was the shoes. I got a very odd and ugly pair of slip-on shoes from Nike, they’re black and grey, and they do not match the leggings and top at all. I was under the impression it was supposed to be a matching outfit... To be honest I’m not sure I’ll ever use these shoes, I’m not loving the quality of them either. They don’t look anything like the cute shoes in the pictures of example boxes. The bag and the beauty products were ok. I knew buying this box was a risk since I live too far away to be able to return anything, but I had hoped for a little bit more satisfaction overall. I should have just bought myself an outfit...

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Kleverpark Box on Dec 2018

I’m super happy with my box! It contains a lot of carefully selected, high-quality products and you can even have your box customized (I have for example asked for no foaming cleansers as I cannot use them) which I think is a fantastic service! It feels great to know I don’t even have to check the ingredients since I know everything is chosen with care and attention. I’m already looking forward to my next box!

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Beauteque Monthly on Sep 2018

This was my first box and I tought it was nice! I really liked the mask and the hand cream is cute and fun. I’m least excited about the watermelon gel because I don’t really know how to make good use of it. I was a bit sceptical of the brush but the quality turned out to be pretty good so that was a noce surprise. All in all, I think this is a nice subscription box that is worth the money. I have also added the mask subscription for next month so it’s going to be even more exciting to receive the box!

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