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Escape the Crate on Jun 2021

I got my second box today, just in time for boardgame night. My group (we are 4) enjoys puzzle solving and we play a lot of Sherlock mysteries, Unlock, EXIT, Time Stories. This I must say is our favorite of the collection. Honestly, I'm so taken aback by the amount of work and story put into these little boxes that are worth their weight in gold. The second box was anything but a rehash of the first! Never boring and filled with so many "Aha!" moments. That i'll stay subscribed for as long as they have boxes to send!

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Great quality!

Finders Seekers Mysteries on Jul 2020

The puzzles are unique and of great quality, everything feels legitimate and high-end! This is great for those who like geocaching and don't like to be bound by time constraints. I would recommend, the less people you play with the more enjoyment you get out of it. This is not an escape room type box and up to three people is probably best.

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Sophie & Toffee Club on Jul 2020

They have a website and a bunch of social media to keep track and get more info on your package. Totally worth the price. Takes a long time to arrive from Singapore, but everything is so well packaged and thought out. Great job!

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