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I don't see the value in the Box

Camp Life Crate on Aug 2019

I don't see the value for the cost of the subscription Box. The collapsible measuring cups and spoons is a great idea for 1st time campers or campers that are just starting out, Seasoned campers usually have these items. I love the reusable cover for foles and plates it's a great idea and an option in its stores away easily. The Seasonings or something I haven't seen before and it's a new product I haven't found before that I enjoy. The towel was cute I might put it up I don't know the white color is gonna get dirty quick and I'm not sure if I can use it in my camper but it was a cute idea as for the rest of it it was just cheap and paper plates I have tons of it's not something I really need in a subscription Box and corn holders from just something I've never used before.

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