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Great Box! Great For Picky Pooches.

PupJoy on Apr 2022

This box is great, good for multiple dogs. I have two little guys and they loved the Pupjoy box. They ate and played with everything in the box. We have done other dog boxes and did not have the same luck. Pupjoy lets you customize so much more than other boxes. This makes a world of difference, a good selection of categories to select from and variety in each.

Not Impressed With The Empress

Empress Mimi on Apr 2022

Pre-paid for a three month subscription. Debating about this box for a couple of months. Then I decided to do it. The photos of the lingerie featured on there website is lovely. Photos can be deceiving. Each box I received was full of cheap lingerie, only one box had items with tags on them. When I looked up the name on said tag, it was of a set that was listed on a Asian site know for selling items at low cost. The set listed on this site wasn't even worth half of the cost of the Empress Mimi box. All the boxes presentation were sloppy, and or crushed (I get a few lingerie boxes for all over and are in weaker boxes and they never come crushed to the severity of the Mimi boxes). You also get an extra to go with the lingerie set you get, I got some cheap earrings, choker, and other things that just seemed to be chucked in the box at last minute, sometimes not even wrapped with the other items in the box. They asked for feedback on my first box told them the truth, I got a cheap ill fitting bodysuit, without any tags on them (how am I to know with this was a new item), they pretty much told me they were sorry and hope next time I will like my items. Second box the set smelled funny, I...

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